Leaf Drops

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I darkened the lower leaves to bring more interest to the leaves with drops, does it look natural?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does the composition feel balanced? I feel the right leaf and big water drop hold a lot of weight now that I think about it…

Any pertinent technical details:

Fuji X-T2, 50-140 with an extension tube handheld, f/5.6, ISO 400, 1/150s

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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David, the balance of the comp looks good to me. The only thing “unnatural” is the guy I see in the droplets shooting the picture. That’s a fine collection of water drops. Good job hand holding and DOF control.

Haha I can’t unsee that now! I’ll have to waste an hour cloning out myself :smile:, thanks Bill!

David, the composition feels finely balanced. My eyes start in the bottom left and are then drawn to the gentle increase in saturation and colour contrast in the right upper frame. The reflections are a minor distraction and only when seen “big”. If anything the separation between the background and foreground elements could be increased, but i’m probably only talking about a percentage point here and there. Overall, I love this image.

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David: I like the comp and processing and I like images with drops playing a prominent role. The reflections might be a bit of a distraction even if you weren’t in them. I often use a polarizer for this kind of image. It helps with the reflections and lets the detail under the drops show up better. My 2 :moneybag: >=))>

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Looks good to me. Even the reflection in the drops is quirky enough to keep. Long after you shuffle off your mortal coil, and your pictures are bringing in mega-bucks, this one will stand out in value because of its unique ghost in the reflection!:crazy_face:

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David, while the right leaf has lots of weight because of it’s color and the big drop, the yellow leaf with multiple drops makes a good balance. The slightly darker leaves behind fit well. I’m getting a kick out of the looming presence reflected in the drops…a selfie, that represents one of the hazards of macro water drop shots. :grin:

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