Leaf in ice

Image: Leaf in ice

Description: I enjoyed thinking about symmetry as I selected this image, wondering how much or how little of it is needed to have an image hold together. Hard to beat a Red oak leaf for near perfect symmetry but then put is in a mishmash of ice and duff and who knows?! Like I said, I enjoyed seeing it.

Specific Feedback Requested: any and all

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony 6000, 1/160, f 5.0, ISO400, with adjustments to tone curves and cropping in LR.

I like it quite a bit, John. The asymmetry really does it for me… specifically the dark band in the ice. I think some nice geometric patterns and similar lines in the ice would’ve worked just fine, but this really gives it an unexpected touch and makes for a nice surprise.

This ice image works great, like it a lot. Especially the darker band of ice, that shows the leaf in a different way, adds a lot to the quality of the image. I do not think that images should be cleaned to perfection, but anyhow one idea could be to erase some leaves parts that are close to any of the edges.