Lingering butterlies

Fritillary - f/11, 1/80sec., iso200 @105mm, tripod.

Common Checkered Skipper - f/8, 1/800, iso 800 @105mm

The swarm of butterflies we have recently had visiting our backyard is definitely dwindling. The monarchs left about a week ago and mostly only the Queen butterflies remain. However, this morning I did spot this Fritillary acting a bit odd. It was perched on this rock and wasn’t moving. Since the rock was located in a precarious location and we have a visiting dog (puppy) I was concerned for the butterfly and moved the rock to a higher location. Still the Fritillary did not move. As I began taking photos the sun slowly came out and the he began moving his proboscis! I knew he would be okay. About an hour later he was gone.
Happy to still be able to enjoy the butterflies that are left, but clearly there days are numbered.

Both images have been cropped, run through ACR for highlights/shadows, then into PS for curve and vignette adjustments.

Nikon Z6ii

I would appreciate any thoughts and comments you might have. Thank you.


Outstanding! I’m so glad the Fritillary warmed up and flew off. So great you could move him and get that perfect side view. I’ve found some stragglers here that have to do the same. A few overwinter and need to get into the leaf litter! The little skipper is so cute and surprisingly pristine for this time of year. Do you get a late hatch maybe? I love the color contrasts in that photo and the differences in textures.

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Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, Kris. I’m not sure if we do get any late hatches here, weather seems to be all over the charts and very unpredictable. I’m glad you’re enjoy these guys also.

Amazing color, sharpness, and comp. Your position on the Fritillary was dead on. I also love how the Skipper was cropped and was sitting on the edge of the flower like that. Perfect post processing on both of these.

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Both photos are nicely captured, Linda. I like the angles and the comp on both. Most of the butterflies are gone from here, except the Sulphurs. Glad to know you’re still seeing some.

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Thanks, @Dean_Salman and @terryb. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Yes, Terry, there are a few Queen Butterflies still hanging around but each day there are fewer and fewer. I’m guessing by Friday, it is supposed to go down to 67 degrees for a high, they will completely disappear :smiling_face_with_tear: . . .But there is always hope for next year! Thanks again.

Linda, I was out of town when this one was posted, so I missed it. What an excellent capture of this beauty. Such nice details, and a nice angle so that she seems sharp throughout. Both images are nice, but I do like the first one best I think. Maybe because it is up close where I can see the details as well as the position of the BF. Kudos!

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman. Certainly understand being out of town. I have been quite distracted the last few months with helping my sister’s move from the east coast to here in Texas. I’ve had little to no time for photography and my participation here on NPN has been dismal. Looking forward to January when hopefully things will settle down and I can get back to photography! I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Take care.

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Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman for the Editor’s Pick.

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Just saw this! The first shot of the Gulf Fritillary is great, as is the second, though I think a slightly higher f number would have perfected the focus there. You’ve really mastered that lens! Are you pleased with the mirrorless camera? I’m torn between either one day going mirrorless or experimenting with vintage lenses for macro shots! Congrats on the EP.

Thanks so much, @Mike_Friel. I love my 105mm lens and the Nikon.Z6ii. Only wish I could upgrade to the Z7 or even the Z9, but that is clearly not going to happen this year for sure. The settings for the Checkered skipper were tough for me to manage as it was quite windy but I wanted to keep the back ground soft. So I’m still experimenting with the best combinations under those types of situations. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

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Hi Linda,
I must say, these are fine specimens and you done great with both as others have said.
I think that BFs are probably the favorite of my favorites, Dragonflies are probably next in line :slight_smile:

Congrats on the Editors Pick, Well Deserved! :slight_smile:

All the best,

Thanks so much Mervin, I appreciate you kind words.

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