Long arms

In my green jacket
With my too long arms reaching
Try to touch the sky

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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What a great find, and wonderful capture. The lighting is sweet, the leading lines carries me all the way up through the image. Love all the green lichen on the tree. Well seen and captured.

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The light is super sweet and I think the composition is very strong, Ben. The only suggestion I have is to clone out the branch that makes a triangle on the lower left corner of the image.

Oh great tree
Climbing towards the sky
But slowly, slowly.

With apologies to Issa :wink:.

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Ben, I hope you don’t mind a bit of critique on this image. I have been looking at it for the last day or so and wondering why it doesn’t affect me more than it does. It seems to have everything right. But then it occurred to me that while it has amazing leading lines - both the structure of the tree itself and the light - those lines don’t lead me anywhere. There is no denouement. It kind of leaves me flat and perhaps a bit disappointed. Just some thoughts and feelings that I plan to put in my own back pocket for future reference.

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Thank you so much for your nice comment, @Shirley_Freeman

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Thank you for your as always helpful comment, @Adhika_Lie

@Kerry_Gordon, Kerry ,I am here on NPN in the hope to get good critiques or comments. I have to thank you for the time you spent on my image. I see what you write about the denouement and I think you are right.
But perhaps the denouement is in the unknown. To be honest I never thought about it but learned, to just like you put it in my back pocket for future reference. BTW nice haiku !!