Lost At Sea

Sony A77
Sony 70-400G @ 330mm
ISO 400, 1/800 @ f11
Or rather, lost in a sea of paintbrush and bluebonnets. Spotted this lone primrose in a big field in Grimes county. All comments welcome. >=))>


A very lovely photo. It took a minute to find the primrose, making for a nice wander through the scene. I also enjoy the focus fall off. I think that works well in this sort of photo. The only feedback I would give would be to consider cloning out some of the Indian paintbrush alone the edge of the frame—particularly the couple poking in from the bottom. The color contrast at the edge is a bit distracting.

Thanks for sharing!

I see where you’re going with this I think. It still looks busy to me, though. I would edit out the paintbrushes along the edges, especially the one at the bottom. The pansy(?) doesn’t work well in this sea of color for me. I think I would desaturate the oranges and yellows in the out of focus area and perhaps drop their luminosity as well. I might reduce the clarity in the oof area as well just a bit to essentially make the oof even more so. I don’t know how effective that strategy would be. I feel that the oof should be subordinate to the sharp area and I don’t think it is due to the strong warm colors up there.

I agree with the others about removing the Paintbrush along the bottom edge center and the LRC but I’d leave all the other for balance. I love the OOF back third of the image as it removes all of the little white dots from the bluebonnets which are a little bit distracting in the focal plane. Maybe a little bit of clarity and texture reduction in that area to make the primrose really stand out but I love how my eye wanders the entire scene. Well seen Bill.

Beautiful sea of color. I would agree with the above about losing the paintbrush (bright reds) along the bottom and to a lesser extent, the edges, but that is my only suggestion. Real nice image.

I agree with David and Harley; maybe remove the paintbrush down there in front, maybe along the side, but I like the rest of it just as it is.
This is a natural-feeling image, and I like the busyness, because that’s how it is with a field of flowers like this.
Did you take this recently??? We still have a foot and a half of snow…

Genny: Taken about a week ago. This is actually fairly late in the bluebonnet season which started early this year due to a very mild winter. >=))>

This is gorgeous, Bill. I do agree with the Paintbrush cloning at the bottom frame, but I like the little lone pink flower in there (it’s the “rebel”). I love the blue/green color mix and the small bursts of orange add a great contrast to that. Well done.