A Great-crested Flycatcher. I had been out shooting all morning, had just returned to where I was staying for lunch, heard a bird call, looked up and took this shot. A life bird. Sometimes you just have to get lucky.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I realize there several less than desirable aspects to this shot, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 7D Mark II; Sigma 150-600 at 600 mm. 1/1000 at f6.3. ISO 800

Great find, Allen. I’ve yet to see one of these. As an artistic image, it does have problems, but if it were mine, I’d call it a “record” shot and be delighted to have it.

Allen: Always nice to get a new lifer. Good for you. As noted, some undesirable things about the shot. Not quite sharp, pretty steep angle, but those are just what they are. There are some obvious cloning artifacts on the left central part of the frame that you can clean up though. I don’t know what the original frame was but I’m guessing there was clutter behind the front left side of the bird as well just looking at the larger image.