Marche Sunrise

I’ve always enjoyed the rolling hills of Tuscany but I was never in a place as nice as this one and Marche, which is the next area east of Tuscany. It borders the Adriatic.

David, the many photos from the area of Tuscany have always been intriguing to me. I’m unfamiliar with any scenes from this area you mention as Marche.
However, even in the dim light of the sunrise I can see that similar terrain with what looks like a possible grape vineyard maybe? The open terrain leading towards the sunrise clearly fits this WC…:sunglasses:

A very neat take with the rather dim light that you portray so well. I’m glad you didn’t brighten it as I find this much more effective. The open hills are gorgeous.

David, this is a fine look across these open hills. The details in the land show very well in the low light and contrast nicely with the warmth in the sky. The also coordinate well with the shapes in the clouds.

Looks like the perfect start to the day to me, David. This has a nice peaceful feel to it and the combination of warm and cool tones work well together.

A very pleasing sunrise scene, David! The large version is especially nice because it has more presence and you can see a lot more detail in the meadows.