Midday Swakopmund Ssand Dunes

Did a 4x4 drive on sand dunes in Swakopmund - unfortunately midday - doing my best salvage it

Specific Feedback Requested

anything useful

Technical Details

Karl, I really like the composition here. It works very well. I am having a bit of trouble seeing the depth. It almost looks too two dimensional. I might suggest lowering the brightness just a tad and increasing the contrast just a tad. It helped me see more depth in the scene.

Even in midday, this is definitely a worthy image.

I cant agree with you more @David_Bostock - thanks for your input - additionally i should decrease the contrast and open up the larger patch of green I think


I’m really enjoying this dunescape intimate. It’s refreshing to see such a view of any dunes.

I do see David’s point about the two-dimensional view. For me though there is enough texture and color variation to distinguish the different elements and almost giving this a little feeling of depth.

I’m not sure there is too much brightness, but I would agree to bring up the shadow detail in the greenery to better meld with the surrounding dunes.

A small tweak and this could be elevated another level.