Mister Toad's Last Wild Ride

Just one of the many old abandoned mining vehicles in the outback desert areas. This one is an inline flat-head 4 cylinder rig. I found near this area another unit that had a flat-head V-8 in it.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Wonderful composition and use of wide angle! Perfect for the starkness of B/W. Amazing to wonder how this thing ever got that far out in the desert! The footprints remind me of those we have left on the moon!

Paul, the setting with the juxtaposition of jagged vehicle and well rounded boulders is very striking. The multitude of footprints in the sand say that this relic gets lots of visitors.

Great old rig well photographed. I could see bringing up the higher end of the midtones to add a little contrast and brighten up the image just a bit. You must be a bit of a motor head to know about the engines. :grinning:

Paul, well seen and perfect title. :clap:

@Diane_Miller @Mark_Seaver @Harley_Goldman @David_Bostock @Kris_Smith As always I appreciate the reviews and the input.
Harley, I will definitely revisit the mid-tone contrast as suggested…take care everyone. :sunglasses:

Hi Paul,

This is pretty cool. The texture of the sand is amazing with all the footprints preserved for now until the wind or monsoon rain washes them away. Exposure and contrast are spot on for this type of image. Pretty darn nice…Jim

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