Misty Sunrise

Just love how the backlit mist slowly reveals the morning.

Technical Details

Composite: No

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Beautiful, simple and evocative. I can see why this is among your favorites.

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Chris, the mix of sky colors, snags and fogs looks great and captures a fine mood. I do wish that the snags weren’t so centered. I’m thinking having them off to the left in the frame would feel good (cropped to 8.5 x 11).

Hi Chris, what a beautiful scene you’ve captured here. The mist and sunrise really make the whole scene. Agree with Mark on the tree placement more to the left though.

I’ve moved the trees from one side to the other 60 ways to Sunday and always come back to this placement…I will look again, but…

Beautiful image! I’ll third the suggestion to move the image a bit more off center.