More forest recycling

Here’s another view of natural recycling on a fallen log in Great Smokey Mountain Natl. Park. This is a 15 shot stack for dof. (5D3, 180mm macro L, 2 sec, f/16, iso 200, tripod and cable release.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Another very nice image of what looks like “out of this world” scene, Mark. Wonderful colors, shapes, and excellent DOF and details. :+1: :+1:

An interesting little micro-landscape Mark! I like the ecological separation of the 2 types of fungi on the log. You handled the whites very well and hope that you snag a few more of this type of shot in the future. Well done…Jim

Mark: I think I prefer this to the original and I liked it a lot. Wonderful color palette and terrific detail. I don’t feel comfortable commenting a lot regarding stacking since I don’t do it but this looks really good to me. Most excellent.>=))>

Mark, a truly wonderful closeup take on this fallen log and the shrooms feeding on the decaying body. No thoughts for change from my perspective… :sunglasses:


Fascinating. This very much reminds me of something from the deep sea… a far away world that most will never see… but yet here it is above ground… :wink: Really though, reminds me of the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay aquarium. They’re called Sea Nettles. With a little imagination, I see the resemblance.

You’ve captured wonderful detail here with your stack. My only suggestion would be to perhaps burn down the open wood in the UR. On the one hand it provide context and supports your “recycling” story. Compositionally I think that area is a little out of balance with the rest of the beautiful fungi. Not a big deal though, but wanted to mention.

Still think this has an under water world look to it. Make this quite an intriguing image.