Morning Dew

I went out with the macro lens looking for dew on lupine leaves and wasted a lot of time (and electrons) but when I noticed this grass leaf with a bit of color I had to capture it.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100mm macro, focus stack. Can’t access LR for the other specs because the new version I downloaded has a huge bug that set the Drobo (file storage) writing constantly when I added one measly file to a Smugmug gallery, so LR is shut down pending a revert to the previous version. Not a happy camper. Some retouching within the stack, to paint more OOF areas over a few sharp areas that I thought were distracting. Then did some low-opacity cloning in PS for more areas, but reasonably subtle changes.


Diane, I love the colors in that blade of grass in contrast to the rest of the grass pretty much being a shade of green. Those dew drops with their refractions are icing on the cake for sure. You also capture some nicely lines and shapes in this image. Great shot, in my opinion.

Sorry to hear LR is giving you trouble. I haven’t used it lately.

Wonderful, Diane. @Shirley_Freeman took the words right out of my mind, “love the colors in that blade of grass!” Your composition and details are spot on. Also like how, despite LR’s issues, you have handled post processing. Very nicely done.

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This has a nice, fine art feel to it Diane. I really like the placement and the composition. Well done.

Good eye you have Diane, a very nice intimate landscape well captured. Enjoying the horizontal placement of this pastel blade against the vertical background. And, of course, the dew drops are like icing on this cake.