Mystery Spider

I was at the national park looking to do back and photograph some more bees but I forgot today was Bee Holiday because they were GONE. So I found this little guy and I have no clue what this is. I really need to find a way to ID these insects since I focus on them more than anything. I could not use a tripod because of the cactus so I got as close as I could but was shaking, not sure if this one is a keeper but they are hard to spot being so small

Specific Feedback Requested

I wanted to keep the flower in tack but I am not happy about the background on the far right, one solution is change the hue color.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Had the Canon 6D ii instead of the 90D with the 180 macro. 1/320 F/11 ISO 500.

Dean, I’m sure sorry to hear that the bees weren’t there to greet you today. Very disappointing, I’m sure. At least you found something else that didn’t mind posing for you. I like the yellow flower he is on, it makes him stand out nicely.

Another lovely crab spider female - probably a mecaphesa species. The cephalothorax area has no stripes, but I can’t get a closer ID. Nice catch.

Dean …yes looks like a crab spider to me, and I may to get a closer sub species ID. Well if the bees are not there yet, not to worry, the crab spiders typically hide in these flowers to feed on the bees. May be I would have looked at a little more depth of field. Beautiful as is though
Balan Vinod