Natures' Present with a Bow

I love the patterns of Corn Lily leaves and last weekend found some starting to wither and change color. The shape at the top from looking straight down reminded me of fancy Bow on a present as well as the golden colors complimented the green ferns. This is my first time I worked in Photoshop after basic Lightroom processing. I am fearful I may have "cooked it too much. I am learning through Sean Bagshaw PS Videos. Just last night read an article by Erin Babnik on Color Theory and she mentioned to take a break and let your eyes de-saturate from time to time. That would have been a good idea. I placed it as I processed to get feedback! Thank you all as I am learning so much! I do not think I would have seen this without another article from here I read from James Lorentson.

What technical feedback would you like if any? ALL

What artistic feedback would you like if any? ALL

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Olympus E-PL7 / M 14-42 / f5.6 / ISO 3200 1 handheld leaning out so as not to trample in the meadow / 42mm / 1/80 sec

Some selective light painting in base of 3 leaved top to lighten. Ferns softened

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
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Corn lily? Wow, I guess I’ve never seen them in their natural state of decay - or better said, in a seasonal transition… This is quite a fascinating capture. Once I see that the curling leaves are indeed of the corn lily, this becomes more impressive. Great job with the details, especially in the “bow” where it’s the most important.

You didn’t mention, but this almost looks like a little fill flash? Probably not and just a result of the shiny leaves in a high overcast lighting situation. Not a nit, just an observation. The earth tones, and the color of the bg ferns all look good. And I would say no, this doesn’t appear “over cooked” in the least!

The only small nits would be the noise is a little high, especially after opening the larger view;probably due to the high 3200 iso. Noticeable mostly in the ferns, which is good that the corn lily doesn’t show the noise as much. The only other thing I will mention is that it looks like there are some cloning leftovers in the ULC? Or something that you might take a look at or retrace.

I’d say pretty darn good for a first trip in to Photoshop. No doubt you’ll pick up a lot from Sean’s videos - and remember, none of this will happen over night. most learn one little thing at a time and build on those things over time…


Ken: Neat subject and a solid capture although I think I would prefer a touch more DOF to get most of the leaves sharper. The color looks good. From a composition stand point I would like the room on the sides to be more symmetrical or have more room on the right than left. Since in our culture we are programmed to read left to right that seems to be a more natural flow even for images. All in all, very nicely done>=))>