Neural Network Abstract

Lake Aleeda spring shoreline abstract

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
110mm, f/9, 1/80 sec, iso 250

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I like this a lot. Going with shades of a singular color is very appealing. High marks for creativity.

Delightfully complex. I might clone away that little grey spot in the ULC.

This is just beautiful. Very graphical, very strong imaghe.
Love this one.
I agree with @Ronald_Murphy on “cleaning” the ULC

This is very bold and creative Mario. The (birch?) trees make for a very graphic subject. I think the composition is well balanced with the way you have arranged the trees. I think your corner vignetting is a bit to strong for my taste. Vignetting can help draw attention to the center of images, but with the bold colors and graphic shapes in the center, they are already getting plenty of attention. The darkness of the vignettes in the bottom two corners actually pulls my eyes away from the center.

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Very creative. The lighter branches agaisnt the rust colored BG are very graphic. I agree with @Ed_McGuirk ,about the two bottom corners.

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This is a wonderful image. The structure of the branches, the color scheme and the light put together make this image very special.

Thank you all for your time to comment @ola @joaoquintela @Michael_Lowe @Ed_McGuirk @Igor_Doncov @Ronald_Murphy . I tried to edit the lower corners but these areas have a lack of vegetation that contributes to the darker areas.