I was at Newport on the Oregon coast a couple days ago and while there went to the Port of Newport boat basin (always a good source of photo ops.) This time, there was a lot of oil, scum, and debris on the water. While the pollution is sad, it did make for some nice abstract images.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome.

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Wow! Very intriguing! So, the backdrop for this is oil scum on the water? One can imagine that this is all sorts of things. What a terrific abstract. Well done!

I’m with @terryb on this one, Chris, “Wow!” Never would have guessed oil, sum and debris. Just curious, approximately how large of an area is this image of?? Very nicely seen and captured.

I’d say it is about 12 inches.

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It is some kind of plant floating on the water, not oil. I just made the background darker to emphasize the plant.

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Excellent! From the thumbnail, I thought it was a tree of some sort. Extremely intriguing image. :+1:

I had the same thought, some kind of tree! Amazing image very well presented.

@Ola_Jovall @Harley_Goldman Thank you for your kind comments.

Fabulous and well adjusted. I checked this site online ( and maybe it is this type Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii

Creepy, but excellent. Your choice to darken the background really works.

Wow, Chris, your title is perfect and finding out this wasn’t a tree made it even wilder. I’d opine that the comp. isn’t that unusual as it fills the frame very well with a ton of interesting shapes, however your choice of subject and treatment is excellent. There’s a fine feeling of this being a view of modern dance.

So Dramatic! It has an anthropomorphic feel to it. I’m waiting for it to move. Great capture and I love the processing with all the details and the black background.

I honestly wasn’t sure what the weekly topic meant. Thanks for your comment, Mark.

@JohnSnell @AndreDonawa @Bonnie_Lampley Thank you so much for your comments.

Fascinating. Very well seen!