Orange Splendor and a Bee

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Darren: Good look at this flower and the party crasher. A touch more DOF on the bee would suit me a little better but this is fine as is. I also would crop the corners to eliminate the small areas of green BG or use some content aware fill to fill the frame with the flower. >=))>

A beautiful flower and bee, Darren. I agree with Bill’s critique, in the cropping of the green at the edges. I think that will hold our eye better to the subject.

In addition to filling in or eliminating the green areas, may I suggest that you tone down the red/orange colors. Reds, especially, tend to bleed when at full strength. Assuming that the bee is the main subject, the reduction in the reds would bring out more details in the bee. Just little tweaks would make this a stronger image.

Wonderful color. Looks like the bee is roasting on embers. I also like the idea of cropping out the green. Nice capture

A very striking image, Darren. I think you’ve caught the highlights on the bee’s wings extremely well, though I feel the head might be a bit sharper with a touch more dof. Very nicely composed.