Orchid Frills & Curls


Orchid Frills & Curls

Description: Orchid Frills & Curls - at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH

Specific Feedback Requested: Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Fujifilm XT2, 80mm macro, 1/55 sec at f/5.0

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Roberta, the colors are very attractive and I like how you’ve set up the curly “Y” as the focus. The transition from the subtle blue to magenta in the background looks good also. I wonder about moving the sharp parts more to the left in the frame, but that would depend on what’s off camera on the right.

I think this is gorgeous, with just the right DOF and wonderful colors. But I’m not at all sure about the bright petal in the BG, and the almost-tangent at the top edge pulls my attention. I think @Mark_Seaver has a point about moving things to the right. I took the liberty to have a play. The post didn’t have a profile embedded – my browser will assume sRGB but some might not. My version does have sRGB embedded/tagged.