Ornamental Tree Trunk Spider

Would suggest to view this image large. Have come across this spider for the first time, and this is the female. While I know its location, this time I tried using the Zeiss 50MM with extention, which also resulted in not being able to prove lighting on a cloudy day. They typically stay in protected curve in the trunk.

6DII, Zeiss 50, F 14, 800 ISO, 1/80
Balan Vinod

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Oh I really like her, Balan! The light may not have been great, but you have some lovely detail here - and it looks like she’s missing a leg. Good thing she has 7 more. The tip of one is cut off on the bottom, but since they’re OOF it doesn’t matter much. I love the wreath of web around her. A great find well shot!

Balan, I like her too! I am not familiar with this type of spider, but she sure has some markings that are very interesting. It really does need to be seen in large view to appreciate. I think you did a fine job capturing this image considering your light situation, especially.

Balan, the shape and color of this spider are quite striking. The bits of webbing and roughness of the bark show well also.