Painted Lady

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Any. I’m presently experiencing problems with the software used with my watermark as it increases substantially the color saturation on my .jpeg files or it may just be the limitation of .jpeg files since they are usually to 8 bits when exported. Does anyone else experience this if a commercial watermark software is used by you.

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Wayne, it is amazing how nature’s colors are so coordinated in so many ways. The Painted Lady just looks so coordinated with the flower. I haven’t used a commercial watermark software, so can’t answer your question. Nice details in the BF, and I love how you included a bud that is starting to open, balancing the image nicely. It isn’t a big thing, but that little bright spot in the ULC seems to want to pull my eye just a bit. Maybe you could tone it down, or do a little vignette. This is a very pleasing image. Nice details in the Painted Lady too.

Repost to address bright spots as suggested by Shirley.

Wayne, I think that improved it nicely.

Good suggestion by @Shirley_Freeman and nice fix by John. I love the way the butterfly is so camouflaged on the flower. As Shirley pointed out, the bud is a very nice inclusion. The colors look good, with the BG greens nicely subdued.

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The colors are so similar I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, at first! Nice catch; the ladies have pretty much critiqued it so I won’t bother! Nice work, Wayne.

Thanks again, Terry and Diane for your very kind and informative comments.


Lots of detail present in the butterfly and the colors are bright, but not overly vibrant. If so desired, you could remove some from the top which will emphasize the intended movement. Your macro shots are improving through these critiques and you were able to capture a fine image. Well done…Jim

Jim, thanks for the suggestion. Shot does look better with a little crop at the top.


Wayne: The final version is spot on. Beautiful subject and a fine comp. Well done. >=))>

Thanks Bill, This morning as I went outside a beautiful butterfly flew in to one of my pots of flowers. I could touch him but as I returned with my camera he became nervous and flew away. Patience. , patience. . . .