Party Crasher

Not sure what this little critter is but it showed up so well on our osteospermum and was a pretty willing subject that I had to give it a look. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/80 @ f16

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A beautifully simple composition and so harmonious. According to my book that’s a lynx spider female - a very small one (Peucetia viridans). I’ve never seen one before and I’m so jealous. Set against that flower she looks wonderful. The detail and focus is perfect and I like the OOF echo flower behind. Super!

Bill, I agree with @Kris_Smith that it is a lynx spider, I didn’t know it was female though. We have them here in NC, and I have kind of a love/hate relationship with them. I love it when they pose for me, but I have found them killing my honey bees, and I don’t like them doing that.

A fine shot. I do love the position of the spider in the image, and how she stands out against that portion of the flower. The second flower, slightly out of focus, help fill the frame and support the in focus flower as well. A very pleasing image.

Bill…a cracker of a comp. Love the color space. This is a green lynx spider. I will be posting one of the same species.

Balan Vinod

Love how the spider matches the green behind the flowers! Nice contrasting colors and great details on the spider! I can see the little fuzz on her legs! Nice capture, Bill!

Really nice Bill. I like the full top down view. Tack sharp and lots of detail. I also like the inclusion of the second flower which adds to the nice setting.

Bill, the color contrast between the spider and the flower is excellent. Filling the frame with the slightly soft flower behind adds a touch of dynamism as my eyes compare and contrast the two flowers and especially their centers.