Party Crasher

Sony A100
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 200, 1/60 @ f22
An oldie but a goody for me. I was set up on this calla when the hoverfly landed in the perfect spot. I got off about three shots but this was the best by far. The A100 was my first DSLR and is long gone but my faithful 200mm macro is still going strong. I wonder how many tens of thousands of shots I’ve taken with it? All comments welcome.>=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

So good on many levels. Composition, light, exposure, depth, focal point. Absolutely love it. Not sure where you stand on image clean-up but there are some small specs (dust/pollen) in the white areas of the flower that could go away and not be missed. Super small nit.

Sean: Thanks for the comments. I’m a pretty compulsive image cleaner and did make some more egregious spots go away. I have a large print of this at my office that is pretty pristine but for this posting I was being a touch lazy. Again thanks for taking the time to observe and reply.>=))>

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Bill, outside of the fact it obviously fits the WC theme here, it is an outstanding image for any season or reason so to speak. Detail is perfect.
Beyond maybe the slight possible thoughts of image cleanup the photograph is wonderful…:+1:

This is a beauty, Bill. The gentle curves of the calla and the sharp yellow of center complement the fly perfectly.

I love this, Bill! Excellent choice of composition. The gentle curve takes you right to the center where everything is in sharp focus with great detail. Great job with the exposure also. :+1: