Peaceful Sunrise

While in Acadia Mike and I always try to stay away from the crowds as much as humanly possible so we always try to catch one sunrise on Sand Beach. I can usually find something different to shot and this time I decided to include Great Head in the image so that meant moving farther over to the right along the rocky cliffside. I tried to angle the rocks to point the viewer in that direction and shot some frames trying to time some wave action. This was the one I liked best.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 17 mm, f 16 @ 0.4 sec, ISO 200, cable release & tripod

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I like this view, Ed. I don’t think I have any with Great Head. Nice wave action and processing looks great.

Ed, I like this view and the land on the left balances this composition quite nice for me. The water motion around the foreground rocks is very nice and I like how you captured the wave motion. Makes me feel like I’m there! Hope to make it out to Acadia one of these days!

Nice. Takes me there.
These are 2 address of free public nature preserves on the island not associated with Acadia. They are often less people populated. The first is completely wild, both require insect protection. GL

3 Sound Dr, Northeast Harbor
92 Cooksey Dr, Seal Harbor

Ed, I remember this beach from @Michael_Lowe’s post a few weeks ago. It’s a very scenic beach and I think you convey that in your interpretation of the place as well. I really like the swirls around the rock in the FG. You have nailed the shutter speed here, for sure. I also think you have rendered the color of the morning really well. I am a little torn about the empty space on the LL corner. Maybe if you have an exposure where the wave breaks a little lower and that would fill the space there? Maybe.

Ed, I am also enjoying this beautiful Acadia beach scene. The composition is really well balanced and the colors in this lighting look very well done. The foreground rocks and water definitely point the viewer as you intended and you left just the right amount of space around them. The subtle leading line of two tone sand from the LLC is also a nice touch.

A lot to like in this one, well done!

Beautiful and a really well balanced composition. The color of the sand is right on and the water is well exposed.


Many thanks to everyone @Michael_Lowe, @Nick_Bristol, @stevenm, @Adhika_Lie, @Alan_Kreyger and @Chris_Percival for your thoughts; always appreciated. Glad everyone liked the image as much as I did.
@Stevenm: Thanks for the two addresses. I will be sure to check them out the next time I am up in Acadia.
@Adhika_Lie: I have a few other images from that morning that have some water flowing into the LLC, but they do not have that breaking wave. I will work on one of them and see what I come up with.

Ed, I’m coming in late here, but this is very nicely done. I like the radial feeling to the composition. The inclusion of Great Head and the two tone sand in the LLC mentioned by @Alan_Kreyger really helps to balance the comp against all the strong elements in the center and right side of the image. The wave looks really nice without being overwhelming. Whenever I shoot from the west side of Sand Beach I’m always troubled by how to deal with the left side of the image, but you have done a pretty good job of handling that here.


Very calming and lovely. Although maybe secondary to the scene, I just love the sky of very soft colors and clouds.

Great job framing with just the bit of included land on the left - makes a big difference.

Processing is excellent - although similar to I think your brother’s image recently posted, I think some additional luminosity in the trees in the UR. Very minor stuff though.


Thanks @Ed_McGuirk and @Lon_Overacker. So glad you guys enjoyed the image.
@Ed_McGuirk: As you noted when dealing with the left side of the image from Sand Beach can be a bit of an obstacle so I thought why not include Great Head in the image. I was pretty happy with the end result.
@Lon_Overacker: Good idea, I will add a bit of luminosity to the trees.