Poppy Portrait (w/repost)

Taken at Bridge of Flowers using Sony A6000, F5.6, 1/130 sec., ISO 400

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Sometimes I get so focused on the subject that I don’t give enough attention to the surroundings. This happened here. I thank everyone for their suggestions. Am posting a revision here.

Patricia: Eye p :scream: pping color on the flower! My first impression that is staying with me is to crop this tighter and maybe even make the BG bud just above the main subject go away. I love the detail in the flower center especially. Nicely done.>=))>

Patricia, it sure is eye popping color in this beautiful flower! I do agree also with Bill about the crop. I was thinking that before I scrolled down and saw his comment. You really got some nice detail in that flower. Okay, I just looked up at what Bill wrote, and I feel like I am repeating his comment, so ditto! Well done.

Stunning poppy shot.

I’d work on the crop some more. The bottom is not adding much so I’d crop out the foreground blur. And the flower seems well centered but I feel it needs to be more on the left of the image since it is pointing to the right. My2cs. :lady_beetle:

Bill stole my "eye popping " pun, so I’ll just state this is beautiful. Love the repost.

I think the repost looks good.

Patricia, I’m coming in late, but I really like what you did with the repost. Eliminating some of the background simplified the image and placed more emphasis on the star of the show here. Nicely done.