Sony A77II
Sony 70-400 G-II @ 160mm
ISO 200, 1/20 @ f11
Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite subjects and we have several in our garden. This however was a whole other critter! Found this giant at the South Coast Botanical Gardens on our visit to our son in California. The plant stood at least ten feet tall and each blue “feather” was about two feet long. I liked all the various textures and lines. Illustration mode version in first comment. All comments welcome. >=))>

And the Illustration mode. I thought it was almost cartoonish :grin:

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Bill, Looks sharp throughout. I like the illustration mode better as it offers a new way of presenting it and makes it more interesting than the plain one.

The illustration mode emphasizes the lines and textures of the plant. You know I always enjoy that enhancement.