Rainbow at Malheur Wildlife Refuge

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All feedback is appreciated.

Frenchglen Rainbow NPN|625x500

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Stunning weather in this image Chris. The light on the rain and the rainbow look excellent.

My only suggestion would be a slight crop from the bottom of the frame so that the bottom isn’t bordered by cut off shrubs.

Thanks, for your comments and suggestion. You have a valid point and it looks better with the bottom cropped.

Chris, this is marvelous, the image looks like a painting from the Hudson River School. A rainbow and virga together, how can you go wrong? I also love your processing of the light and colors. Even though you have dramatic weather, I think your relatively restrained use of contrast has created a very soft and delicate feeling in this image, which adds to the painterly feeling . The warm light on the landscape is just gorgeous.

While it is a very subtle issue, I agree with @Nathan_Klein about the shrubs on the bottom edge. My only concern is that even only a very slight crop risks putting the bottom frame edge pretty tight to the zig-zagging canyon. An alternate suggestion would be to do a slight crop of the shrubs, then add back some blank canvas in PS, and then do a Content Aware Fill. This rework illustrates what i am talking about. Voila - shrub-less foreground…


Your re-edit is great. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I especially appreciate your comments about the Hudson River School (love those paintings) and the “soft and delicate feeling.” Those are things I strive for in by “style.”

Unfortunately, I don’t use PS. Maybe I can figure out another workaround.


What I did in my rework would be very hard to do without PS. You have not posted many images here at NPN, but I took a look at your website, and you have some wonderful landscape images there. Given that you are capable of this kind of work, I would strongly encourage you to consider using PS as one tool at your disposal. It will open up many creative possibilities for you in terms of processing. As you advance and grow as a landscape photographer, it’s often the small, subtle things that can make a huge difference in the impact of your work. And PS would open many doors to those type of things. The cloning tools alone make it worthwhile. Yes PS has a learning curve, but there are a lot of good video tutorials out there that can help get you into it.


Wonderful clouds and a really cool rainbow, Chris. I love the wavy leading line and don’t mind the shrubs and trees along the river at the bottom. I showed this to my wife, and she immediately saw a horse in the clouds.

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Thank you very much. Your wife has more imagination than I.

thank you for your comment on my website. Yes, I do get frustrated when it come to cloning. Maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay for PS.