Rays of Light over Bee Creek

I love this little creek near my home in Texas. It’s a place we love to take our dog and relax on the rocks. Since picking up my camera last December, I’ve been heading there to chronicle various times of the day and year. One morning, before the sunrise, I woke early (without an alarm!) and KNEW I had to grab my camera and head over there. I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful sunrise!
This is a re-edit of a previously posted image and any general cc welcome.

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@brie, this is a beautiful photo! I love how the stream winds through the photo and takes you into the scene. And the rays are gorgeous. I don’t know how to do luminosity masks, but if I did, I might tone down the white clouds in the upper right. I did a little work on your photo, adding tonal contrast accenting the beautiful contrast in your photo and a vignette to bring your eyes to the center. Just my take on it. It’s beautiful as is.

Brie, the rocks and stream do a fine job of pulling my eyes through this view. The crepuscular rays from the sun are a good addition to the sky. It is a lovely scene. I think that more contrast in the middle areas, such as seen in Roberta’s modification works well.

I’m rather torn here, Brie. I like what Roberta did, but I love the softness of your original post. Either way, it’s a beautiful spot, well captured. I can see why you like to go there.

Hi Brie. I liked the original and I like this, too.
Remember the haiku?

Pleasing comp with peaceful moody morning color. Looks like Hill Country.

Brie: Beautiful scene. What part of Texas? We don’t have anything like this around Houston :wink:. I love the light in the clouds and the reflected color. On a completely separate and not related to artistic considerations note, please resize your images before posting. The site recommendation is for a minimum of 1500 pixels on the long side. This one is almost 7500 pixels tall and the file size is over 100MB. >=))>

Bill, I’m in Hill Country:) And, thanks for the sizing info! I edited my post with a smaller file. I’ll remember that for the future!

It is Hill Country! Thank you:)

I do remember it! It makes me want to write one of my own for this. I’m working on a project and am trying to refine some images for it. Maybe I’ll include a poem with the final work. Thank you.

Lovely photo. My suggestion is to crop off some of the bottom. The large rock on the left, with it’s bright right edge, draws the eye away from the rest of the photo.