Red-bellied Woodpecker

This female is securing the last peanut crumb from this old log I repurposed and placed in my yard.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM @ 200mm, f/5.6, 1/250 sec., ISO 1250. Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure and cropping. Topaz De-noise applied.


What a great capture, Terry. I think you could do some clockwise rotation to straighten the log and still have plenty of room for the Woodpecker…just a thought.

The pose is awesome.

I love the pose, Terry. It looks like there’s some bird poop on one of the leaves above the bird that you might want to clean up. A fine image.

Thanks @David_Bostock. I tried straightening the log, but I thought it made the pose of the woodpecker look awkward. The post leans naturally, so I left it.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank. Don’t know how many times I perused this photo and never noticed that spot!

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Good action pose and detail. I wonder about a tighter crop to remove the bright area in the RUC and maybe clone out the lone, partial leaf in the LUC.

Thanks @Allen_Brooks. I gave it a little tighter crop as suggested, and cleaned up the leaf @Dennis_Plank noticed.

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Hi Terry
It is interesting that this Red-bellied Woodpecker climes the stump, rather than just landing on top of it. I like the wider view ( the second just feels too tight). The framing is well balanced and your photo has nice coloring and detail.

Very enjoyable behavioral image. I like the action and the setting. I have four or five different of woodpeckers in my neighborhood but this is one that does not show up.