Red Fox adult / kit interaction

The foxes are using the opposite side of the field from my house to hunt voles and occasionally let the kits roam around. It is fascinating to watch their playful and affectionate interactions with each other. There is a busy walking trail on the side of the field where my house sits (1100 homes in the neighborhood with significant green spaces). They seem to be used to the presence of people on the trail. What really gets their attention is a dog being walked on the trail - they snap to attention then and sometimes briefly disappear altogether. I set up for photography using a field stool on the edge of some trees near the walking path - they don’t seem to pay me much mind but sometimes look my way when there is a walker on the path or maybe they are curious hearing my camera’s shutter clicks (I am 100+ feet away from their side of the field so not sure they can really hear that). I most worry about the fox’s safety with the roads in the neighborhood - I once saw one adult ambling down the middle of the main road at 4:30 in the morning right by my house.

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Technical Details

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 1600, f6.3, 1/500s


What a sweet moment you’ve captured, Allen. Foxes are fascinating to observe, especially when they are playing with their young.

Two great nuzzling shots, Allen. I think more voles are being ordered!

Fantastic shots, well photographed and processed!

Do you do wildlife workshops? Nearest airport, please…


LOL Diane! Funny you should mention wildlife photography workshops as I am giving one tomorrow. I have taught photography classes for the last 10+ years at the local Audubon center. Given your body of work, I don’t think you need help from me though. Thanks for the kind words however.

What a beautiful pair of images. Foxes are feral here, and are not well liked here, but I think if more people saw them like you have portrayed them, people would like them a whole lot more.

The little yellow flowers are lovely and echo the sentiments of the images.

This has the cuteness factor in full, Allen. Well done.

Always fun to catch action like this, Allen. Well done. As for hearing your shutter click, I am often 100 feet or more when I photograph the foxes around here, and they can easily hear that shutter snap. If they’re looking away from me when I take the first photo, I’m ready to take a second because, when they hear that shutter, they’re going to look right at me.

Great interactions and those yellow flowers are interesting additions !
Somehow, I prefer the first one because of pose, warmth & eyes !