Red Fox Kit

I stumbled upon an active fox den last week. While keeping my distance, the 4 kits are very active and not shy - going about their business of hunting and playing.

D500 500mm @f4 1/500 sec

Thanks for taking a look and all comments appreciated.

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Love it! Beautiful eyes and eye contact. The eye-level is great too.
I’d suggest cleaning up a few of the distracting weeds around it’s face, especially under the chin. That would be simple with the PS “Content-Aware” tool.
The 500/500 is a great combination. :grin:

Beautiful portrait, very nicely executed, love the curiosity level of the kit !
Although it is sharp, where it matters but would have preferred some more DOF.

Excellent detail where it’s needed, Jay, and nice dept of field with the foreground nice and crisp. If you have it, I think a touch more canvas on the left would be nice, but a fine image as posted.

Excellent image. Love that intense eye contact!.

Wonderful portrait of this little sweetheart, Jay. Can’t help but love the cuteness, and the direct eye contact is great! While others may have valid suggestions, you’ve got no nits from me.