Bright day; snow on lake in background.

Specific Feedback Requested

Limbs too busy; too high key?

Technical Details

7D II; 1/200th; 9.0; 1600 ISO

Hi Jim. I like the high key approach. I do think I’d clean up a few of the scattered twigs, particularly the one that touches the beak. This is always a subjective issue, but to me the blacks on everything but the head of the bird feel just a bit washed out and I think you could bring them down a bit and make it more effective.

I like the pose you caught the RWB in and the high key effect. I would agree with Dennis about the blacks; I’d like to see more black and white contrast. The limbs are okay; they provide some context for the image

@Dennis_Plank @Allen_Brooks Thank you. I’m posting a revision. Not sure if it properly addresses the concerns, but it is

my attempt to do so.

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