Rework Fence repair



During a hike in Piemonte, Italy, I came across this somewhat funny fence repair.

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Very cool photo! I guess I would like to see a little more structure in some of those red flowers.

There is an expression for that (at least here in the USA) - git 'er done. The contrast of the red rhododendrons with the fences is wonderful. The red looks a bit oversaturated, though - you could probably get more detail in the reds if they were unsaturated a tad.

Ola, that’s quite a “repair”, makes me wonder who the fence is supposed to keep out (or in). The contrast between the wood and the red and green of the flowers looks very good. A slight reduction in the brightest tones may provide more detail in the flowers. The contrast and tone in the wood looks good.

@Ronald_Murphy , @Mark_Seaver and @Bonnie_Lampley thanks for your advice. A rework has been posted at the tlop.

A subtle, but nice improvement in the flowers.