Rock Crossing

I was drawn to the lines, color and textures in this minimalist image.

D850, 70-200mm

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I’d say, “X marks the spot”, Harley. :grinning: The textures and subtle color changes do look good with the big X adding a fine focal point.

Nice and simple.

Harley, the simplicity here is excellent. What is very intriguing is the patterns do not seem to follow the adjacent sandstone slice. Making it very unique to my mind. Almost as if it is stacked blocks instead of slipped joints or even a continuation of the like pattern… :+1: :+1::sunglasses:

I knew this was your image just by looking at the thumbnail. I really like the simplicity, the lines, comp and the colors.

Less is more, and this image is a great example of that. You have just the right degree of luminosity and saturation here, this image has a nice snap to it. Is this marking where the old desert rat prospector buried his gold treasure???

Sometimes nature provides beauty in small slices. My favorite part is the color tone with its subtle variation.