Roling Thunder

While visiting Bryce Canyon several years ago I set up hoping for some nice light at sunset but nothing much was going on. I was contemplating packing up but heard some low thunder rolling in from the west. Within the next few minutes this sweet little storm rolled through and gave me a very productive 15-20 minutes and turned what I thought would be a bust into one of my more popular images. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony A77
Sony 16-50 DT f2.8 @ 26mm
ISO 200, 1/30 @ f8


I the sky and the way its colors resonate with those of the hoodos. I also love the parallel opening on the right of both the strong color in the sky and the hoodos. This picture really invites you to go in different directions and is very captivating. The one thing that I might tweak a little is the exposure in the front as it is a little dark. It does complement the storm but makes the whole a little dark, But than that wonderful depiction of bryce.

Bill, the color coordination between hoodoos and the glow in the Virga work very well. The clear sky in the distance shows this to be a localized, so typical of the interior west.

Yes, and one that might cause me to sign up for a Bryce trip! Between the sky an the hoodoos, my eye just can’t stop wandering and enjoying.

Beautiful image Bill! I love how the orange sky goes so well with the oranges of Bryce canyon but by reading the other comments I see that I’m not the only one. :blush: