Roses bathing in dewdrops

I took this picture in morning when i was passing through lush green garden of my college campus.! Ans this roses capture my eyes…

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Pkamy: One of my favorite subjects as we have a very similar variety in our garden. I prefer the first POV and how the subject fills the frame a bit more. The background is pretty messy on both and could be toned down in post processing or perhaps a bit less DOF in the original capture. A lot of folks don’t care much for strong light like this although it works OK for me in this image. Using a diffuser to soften the light or simply casting your shadow over the subject can even out the light. One final thought, if you can include your camera and lens settings in your post it makes it a little easier for us to offer capture suggestions. >=))>

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Actually sir,when i capturing this photo that time i was thinking how to cut this too bright sunlight on it. Thanks alot for your idea. Now i get my mistake.
And i don’t have any particular can,all the pic i capture it is from my mobile moto G Play rear cam- 8MP.
And thanks alot, i am learning alot here.

Nice photo Pkamy, I like the top one more so and the sunlight seems to be OK with me. Not sure what the F/stop was, I would use a wider DOF to blur the lower right a bit because it takes the observer in that direction away from the main flower. It could be the little white flowers that are doing this. If you come into this again I would try blocking the sunlight and photograph it in the shade, cloudy days work very well for flowers from what I have experienced. That all said a very lovey photograph.

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Beautiful rose and nice dew drops that enhance the capture. May I suggest a general suggestion on the placement of the rose in the image. The next time try to place the subject completely within the frame or at least not “kissing” the edge. Either all in or out equally throughout. Keep them coming.

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Thanks alot @Dean_Salman. Yes,you are right about cloudy days and blocking the sun light, after capturing this i am also thinking the same.from next try i will keep it at.

@Patricia_Brundage,i get what are you saying. Next time I will keep this is my mind. Thank you so much.

I like the first image best, Pkamy - it fills the frame with colour. Bill has mentioned the strong lighting ( usually best if possible to shoot flowers on a cloudy day ) - and the one thing I would suggest is toning down the very bright area in the centre if you have the software to do that. If not, follow Bill’s suggestions.

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Thank you @Ian_Wolfenden for the compliment and suggestions. From next time I will pay attention towards it.