S. California "Super Bloom" - problems

This is a spectacular site, (we went last year) but is causing local problems. If you’re thinking about trying to go and get some pictures, consider this information:


Sandy, this location near Elsinore is about 15 miles south of us. Since the bloom we’ve not even gotten on the 15 fwy that heads down that way. It truly has become unsafe to drive into or enter that zone…Sadly !

We didn’t know you were so close when we were there! We would have invited you for lunch!

Sandy, glad you were able to get in and out of there safely. They’ve had all kinds of incidents down there that have made things very unpleasant for all, especially the local folks living in that area. Too bad as the destructive trampling has taken it’s toll. There were a few snake bites I heard including one poor dog being bitten on the snout…Groan!

For me it once again points out the fate of all iconic locations, and further reasons to avoid naming new places. As a matter of fact that super bloom is happening all over the CA foothills and there are lots of places equally colorful and scenic with hardly a soul on hand. I guess the best thing I can say about the crowding at Elsinore is “Good. That means the folks are there and not where I want to be.” :wink:

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Lake Elsinore is truly an unfortunate case. I went to Joshua Tree last week and it surprisingly was not overly crowded and everyone seemed respectful of the flowers.

Lake Elsinore actually geared up with some pretty solid ideas for parking, shuttles, more porta-potties,…etc. But, they also added two large “Zip Lines” from the hill tops down to the bottom parking area. For those that might remember the old movie “Ace In The Hole”, with Kirk Douglas and Jan Serling, well you’ll get the picture then.
@Richard_Wong Good to hear about J-tree. I’ll be there once again tomorrow on my weekly run out there. Although with spring break it’s hard to say how things will be with crowds. This time of year can be crowded with all the campgrounds filled all the time with snowbirds too.

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@Paul_Breitkreuz true, the campgrounds did look full. Most people seemed to just drive past the flowers into the visitor center into the deeper part of the park. I was perfectly fine with that since I was just there for flowers :grinning: