Scenic Skagit snow geese -Re-post

Caught these guys after a foggy sunrise. Peaks are Cascade Mountains, probably including Glacier Peak. Re-posted to address an over-processed area - TY @Jim_McGovern

Beautiful soft dawn photo Dick. Love how the birds have formed a wonderful organic triangular shape. And just a hint of the mountains in the background adds to the mystic of the image. Nicely seen and captured.

Thanks @linda_mellor . I figured it was time to tone down my act a bit

This is great! I Love this image! Very interesting monochromatic color as well.

When viewed a bit smaller, there is a dark region in the right 1/3 of the shot on my screen…not sure what that is.

Only other recommendation would be to burn down the bright cloud in the upper aspect, just right of midline as it is the brightest part of the image and distracts me from the main element - the fantastic arrangement of birds in a foggy morning flight. Thanks for sharing - this is a great shot!

Dick: I swear I can hear them honking as they fly by. Beautiful scene superbly rendered. >=))>

Yes. Not sure why so blotchy there

Dick, this is a fine catch on this large flock of geese. The golden glow and hint of mountains set a fine stage for imagining the air filled with honking.

A very nice silhouette type scene, Dick! Like Bill said, I can hear them honking :wink: The hint of mountains are important in this shot as that’s what makes it a landscape!