Siletz Dream

I’m interested to learn what people think about this image. I’ve not tried something like this before. I used high key and soft focus to try to create a dreamy effect. I like it, but kind of feel that it’s lacking something.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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I like this effect very much. Maybe crop a slice from the right side, as the main subject is fairly central.But it’s a super shot.

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I agree with @Mike_Friel , Bonnie. It is a super shot. Also agree about cropping from the right, but I’d be tempted to add to the left to give some room for negative space as a balance to the heavier right side. Just a thought. Nicely done.

Chris: I agree with Mike and Linda about subject positioning in the frame but this is wonderful. I might also consider removing that small strip of BG beach edge(?) above the small island extending to the left edge. It does grab my eye a bit and I don’t think it adds much. Well seen and very nicely presented. >=))>
PS: Is this just outside Waldport?

I love this, fantastic. Might be fun to experiment with colour in the islands or throughout. Very beautiful thanks for sharing

Bill – thanks for your comments. This is just outside Lincoln City.

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I knew this looked familiar. I recall it better now. Thanks.

Highly creative scene Chris. I agree with the other about a crop from the right centering that smaller background rock giving it better balance. This is so unusual I really don’t know how to critique this but I do like what you’ve created here. Way to go outside the box a little bit here Chris. It sure paid off. It’s slightly reminiscent of a watercolor painting.

@linda_mellor @Mike_Friel @Bill_Fach @David_Haynes @CharlesV Thanks so much for your valued comments.

Chris, this looks great. It is very dreamy as presented. I like the bit of shore and how it’s just barely visible. That and the two sea stacks provide some angled motion to the viewing. If this is a spot you get back to occasionally, it would be interesting to move a bit to the left of where you stood for this to emphasize that angled view as well as separate the two stacks.

Thanks, Mark. Yes, I would have liked to get more to the left, but there was a guard rail and tall bushes there. Only one viewing spot. You know how that goes. If only I could fly or walk on water.