Silver keepers

Strong silver keepers
A small corridor to guard
Will they let us trough

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Looks like a wonderful place to wonder and be lost in time Ben. Your image makes me wish I was there.


Gorgeous! I wonder if a B/W version would be wonderful for this strong image.

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@linda_mellor is right, this would be a great place to get lost in. I love these birch trees, their trunks have so much texture and character. I like your processing here, the warmer WB creates a nice mood in the scene. I think the placement of the three main trees is good, the leaning tree on the right gives the image a more dynamic feeling. I think you made a good choice to emphasize the birch trunks over the fall color. You have enough leaves to show the season, but the trunks are rightfully the star of this show. My only suggestion is that I wish there was slightly more space at the bottom. I think adding a little canvas and using Content Aware Fill could help, if you are okay with such things.

I agree with @Diane_Miller this image would also have a lot of potential in B&W. In addition, with this nice grove of birch trees, this is the type of location that could lead to nice images during all four seasons. I hope this place is close enough to easily re-visit, I would love to be lost here over and over…

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You have the knack of finding and isolating these lovely intimate woodland scenes for the rest of us to enjoy. The placement of the three main birches front and center helps to separate them from those in the BG. The diagonal lean of the tree on the right has added some visual tension to the image as well as creating that wonderful V shape. I tried playing around with some different B&W conversions in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, but decided I liked your color version better. This reminds me of the birch grove at Sieur de Monts in Acadia NP, ME. Beautiful image!

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Really well done, Ben. Lovely light and beautiful comp.

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