Hi everyone,

On my day by day, singularity refers to a singular point of a finite element simulation that deviates from the neighbor points, usually created by errors of software simplifications of real life models, nothing to do with art or artistic expression as you can imagine.

For me these singularities are usually ignored and were nothing I would give much attention, until I saw this scene today, somehow the term singularity poped up on my mind as a small project. To shot singular scenes, scenes that have something on them that deviates from the average or the neighbors.

This is the first image of this small project. A small flower that grows above the surrounding leaf. It was actually the only singular flower I found the hole morning. Hope you enjoy it.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback is always welcomed.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Again any. How is the luminance balanced? Is it to dark?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Tripod shot with polarizer.
4s, f/11, ISO 50 at 111mm.

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The greens are full of life with their varying shades of green and luminance. The one tiny flower is the exclamation point to a fine photograph. Well done.

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Thank you so much for such kind words @Patricia_Brundage.

I agree with @Patricia_Brundage’s comments on this one, Joao. Very nice image. I can’t think of anything that would improve it.

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As usual João, you found a way to charm us with the wonders of Portugal. In addition to the singularity of the flower, I believe that the variety of light on the green foliage that you conveyed to us is very important to the success of this image. The quiet amber dead foliage is a perfect complement to the green. Muito bem!

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Thank you so much @Shirley_Freeman

@Dick_Knudson Portugal has a lot of small and great wonders, if you ever come visit i bet you’ll be surprized.

Ahah! Muito obrigado!

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João, the lone white flower really stands out (the opposite of a black hole singularity… :grinning:) due to it’s brightness and being centered. The mix of greens around it and the brown leaves down below add context beautifully. Nicely seen and presented.

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João: A terrific find and a superb capture. The light makes this shot for me and I like the centered position of the flower. Top notch shot! >=))>

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Thank you so much @Mark_Seaver, shoting a black singularity in nature would be a interesting image. :laughing:

@Bill_Fach thank you, this find made my day, the ligth, flower and even the leafs aligned for me, all i had to do was to press the shutter. :smiley: