Sitting Pretty

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I thought I had actually posted this frame before. This the same individual, a three striped jumping spider female, between the petals of a flower. I had made quite a few frames then.
6DII, 70-200F4, Ext, Raynox, DIY Flash diffuser,

As always, many thanks for your comments and words.

Balan Vinod

Technical Details

6DII, 70-200F4, Ext, Raynox, DIY Flash diffuser,

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Balan, I like that the viewer is looking up at this little guy. The oof petals behind him help frame him in. You managed the light in his eyes (not easy to do with flash on jumping spiders as their eyes are very reflective). I really can’t think of anything to improve this shot.

Love the low perspective and the red leaf environment, Balan! :slight_smile:

Focus is spot on where it should be as always! I never get tired of seeing images of these cute little jumpers!

I’m still trying to find one hanging out but so far only a tiny crab spider, I did get a shot of the tiny crab spider on a mona lavender petal but It’s a big crop, I didn’t have enough clearance to get the lens in close enough for a 1:1 ratio capture. :frowning: Maybe next time.

Lovely image! :slight_smile:

Hi Balan,
wow, that looks amazing. The composition works great, the spider is nicely framed by the petals. I love the DOF.
Well done!

OMG this is wonderful on so many levels - the cute little star of the show of course, but the framing is a joy to see. We can get an idea of just how tiny this guy is from the amount of petals you included. Jumpers are so fun, but this one seems particularly interested in your camera. Do they jump onto it? I know they will sometimes. If I can make a suggestion - if you blur the sharp-ish petal just to the left of the spider, that will blend better with the blurriness of the other petals. With just the jumper crisp, s/he will stand out even more. What a great job.

Balan, those eyes and face are set of wonderfully by the darkness around them, even as the colors and shape of the petals add subtly to the view. Very well done.

Balan, spot-on with the spider, and beautifully set-off by the red petals. Five stars!