Well, folks, I have not be going out for shoot for a while now.

But then for this one to jump on my PC monitor …It just came over from somewhere. …Of course I showed it out to the garden, after I used my CPU as a Tripod. …
Still not identified the species.

6DII, 70-200 F4l, Ext, Raynox, F 29, Flash with Diffuser

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

any feedback is welcome

Technical Details


Beautiful detail! Most spiders look scary but this one looks like it’s asking you for help.

Balan, this is a superb shot of this Jumping Spider. I like the reflections of your diffuser in his eyes. I have yet been satisfied with my reflections in their eyes, which are highly reflective. I find my flash is shining through, or at least that’s what seems to be happening. Excellent shot with detail where it is needed. You sound like me showing him to the garden. We find them in the house quite often and I coax them onto some paper and walk them outside to a plant, then run for my camera. Many times they don’t stick around for the photo session. Glad that he posed for you like this.

What a cutie patootie. Jumpers are the best, aren’t they? Of course they don’t stay still for long so bravo getting such crisp detail here. And you didn’t even have to go anywhere! Agree that the reflection in the eyes is a little weird, but it’s hard to deal with when you need lots of light in a small area.

This looks great, Balan. The details in the spider’s head and front legs are very eye catching as is the pose. A fine job of taking advantage of the situation.

Balan: You and Shirley are the spider masters. Marvelous detail and a compelling subject. Top notch shot. >=))>