Two Striped Jumper

The first jumping spider, as the temperatures have slowly started going up.
6DII, 70 F4, 32Ext, Raynox

Balan Vinod

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That is terrific! All the detail is a treat and the pose. How long did you have to wait for something like this? I find that jumpers are either frozen like statues or racing around like crazy. Can you talk a little about your flash technique? I really need to get better with mine.

Balan, what a delight! The pose, the lighting, composition, all of it. Way too cold here for them but looking forward to seeing them in the spring. They are one of my favorite subjects. So glad they are posing for you and looking forward to seeing more of these in your upcoming post. Very nice.

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Kristen …its a bit of a colder here .though temperatures have started hitting about 17 degrees C. These spiders have started appearing, but a bit less active due to the cold.

My flash is a regular flash with a conical diffusing unit, as I use long lenses for macro. This does have a diffuser sheet in the front of the cone. …will share a pic one of these days. Its more of a DIY … My diffuser is not great …as its been giving some warm light …have to rework

At F 18 it has wiped the BG black…

Thanks @Balan_Vinod - f/18 would indeed do that and I think it works to heighten the drama of this wee spider. You’re right to stalk them in cooler temps, something I need to be mindful of. I am hoping like mad that OM Systems develops their rumored 90mm macro lens and releases it this year. My lens is a bit short for a this kind of work. Maybe adding extension tubes to my telephoto lenses could have a similar effect and give me some working distance. Keep 'em coming!

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Yes …we need the working distance , and these spiders end up jumping on to your lens many times. I use the 70-200 or the 180 tamron .

Balan Vinod

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He looks like he was just waiting for you, Balan. Absolutely lovely lighting. Nicely done.

Balan, the lighting and the detail in the spider are outstanding, especially the front most eyes. Well done.