Snowy Day in March

Image Description

Winter is still here in the NE. It was close to being the coldest day to be out in the snow all winter. The reason was the 20 - 25 mile an hour wind. I decided that I wasn’t going to have many more chances to be out in snow this winter and decided to drive around the back roads to see what I could find. I saw this scene while driving and liked the shape of the tall tree with the bushes and other small trees around it. The snow was flying sideways because of the high winds so I set as high of a SS I could without raising my ISO to high. I was hand holding the camera.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I was hoping that the amount of snow flying sideways in the photo wouldn’t be too distractive and would help tell the story. What do you think? How’s the composition?

Technical Details

Sony a7r v 70-200mm @ 92mm
ISO 800

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Wait, is that California or NE? This is what we’ve been seeing for months. Yikes. When will it all end. I digress. This is so painterly. I love just the hint of colors showing through. But what really makes this is the large fluffy wet snowflakes evenly distributed across the scene. That center tree sure has some great character as well. Perfect image for this weeks theme. Well done, Donna.

Hi Donna,
what a beautiful scene that fits perfectly into the current weekly challenge. I really love the painterly look.

I don’t find the snowflakes distracting at all. The snow conveys a wintry soft mood. I think without the snowflakes the picture would be missing something crucial. So I think you nailed the SS.

I wouldn’t change anything. My advice: print it out and hang it on your wall.

You captured a lovely scene!! The falling snow is a very nice element, and you found a very pleasing arrangement of trees with clean edges. I wouldn’t change a thing, either!

@David_Haynes @Jens_Ober @Diane_Miller I was looking back through some photos and realized I never responded to your nice critiques. Thank you. It always makes my happy to hear that I succeeded with a photo. It helps to make up for all the ones that I didn’t succeed at :blush:.