Space Pods

Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

Please share your immediate response to the image before reading the photographer’s intent (obscured text below) or other comments. The photographer seeks a genuinely unbiased first impression.

Questions to guide your feedback

What is your reaction to this as an abstract nature photo? Too unnatural to be considered nature? I don’t mind if folks think it’s too odd to be a “nature” photo, I’m just wondering what reactions are.

Other Information

Please leave your feedback before viewing the blurred information below, once you have replied, click to reveal the text and see if your assessment aligns with the photographer. Remember, this if for their benefit to learn what your unbiased reaction is.

Image Description

Credit goes to my husband for spotting a large-ish jelly fish on the beach. It was cool looking as is, but I couldn’t resist reinterpreting it.

Technical Details

Exposure and color adjustments in ACR, then to PS:

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 12.27.36 PM

Specific Feedback

Technical - this is an iPhone photo - does the quality look ok?

Aesthetic/Conceptual - any comments welcome. I think the space analogy is fairly obvious, but if you see something else I’d be interested to know.

I love this! I have not a clue what it might be, but it does look nature-ish. I love the sparkles on the water, or sand grains, or whatever they might be. The title is beyond perfect!!

After discovering it is (or was) a jellyfish, I still can’t visualize it, but that’s fine, and adds to the abstraction!

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Great image, Bonnie! My initial reaction was “space monster from outer space”. After reading the hidden text, I wasn’t too far off :slight_smile: . Awesome find!

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This is a very cool image Bonnie. Great the way it progresses from a light ’ primordial cloud’ at top left to some small gradually forming pods then two mature pods ready for occupation. The grains of sand (i.e. space dust’) just set it off perfectly. The mind runs wild. Cheers.

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Bonnie, this is completely mesmerizing and engaging! My mind immediately went to the theme of space especially with the millions of stars surrounding the main subjects. I could also see this as nebula with the giant clouds of gas and dust being hurled across space. I see the trail of gas in the upper left corner. What also caught my eye was the rule of odds used here. There are 5 space pods for example. Awesome work Bonnie!

This is pretty cool, Bonnie. I think it might be worthwhile to get rid of the haze in the upper left, but that may just be my taste.

Interesting. I didn’t go to jellyfish. It looks a lot like photos I’ve taken of a frozen bird bath.

I really like this, it looks mysterious and like it’s from outer space. What I also like is that the photo seems to be telling a story as it looks like the bigger blobs/drops are moving towards something just outside our field of vision.
I would like to see the upper left part black in the background as well.

Thank you, @Diane_Miller, @J_Fritz_Rumpf, @Phil_G, @Alfredo_Mora, @Dennis_Plank, and @JudithLinders.

I’m glad you like the “primordial cloud” as that was my intention. I don’t know if the pods are going towards or heading away from the cloud, but it doesn’t matter.

Even though rules are meant to be broken, I do think about such things now and again. It was luck to find a jellyfish with 5 blobs that I could arrange in the frame in a pleasing way.


Before reading anything except your opening comment, anything non-nature, never crossed my mind. I’m thinking the trapped bubbles what we’ve seen from the frozen lakes of the Rockies and such. The only non-nature thought might be bubbles trapped in acrylic or something.

For sure very spacey - but I like the pod concept as well - how about going further and calling them cacoons? Especially the silvery, metalic coatings… This gets the imagination running!

Got nothin’ to suggest. This is quite an awesme image. The deep blacks and hints of other colors certainly remind me of some deep space images.


ps. who woulda thunk. Very cool and excellent job with your interpretation and processing.

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My reaction was to rush to my battle station and hope that the shield was turned on. I didn’t think of jellyfish, just of malevolent flying protoplasm.

This one is fun. That’s enough reason.