Split Falls #2 Black & White

Based upon a couple of suggestions to create a B&W…here you go.

No changes made to the composition. I am curious as to what you think of the contrast, overall luminosity, and tonal values.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have,

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Outstanding! I definitely prefer this version. Processing looks good to my eye. Sweet.

Preston, I agree with Harley. This scene works very nicely as a finished B&W image. Processing looks dead on to me…:sunglasses:


Good call on presenting in b&w. This is terrific - I think the graphic nature of the scene is really captured here in this version.

Interesting too, the top is no longer a concern.

The only feedback/suggestion I have here might be to raise the luminosity of the water. but that’s minor.

Thanks for posting this version! Yet another great image of these falls.


Preston, I didn’t comment on the previous version, so I just want to say I love the strong graphic elements in this image. The triple falls and rocks here provides a strong sense of depth that you don’t often see in waterfall images. I like the composition as presented. I agree with Lon, I would raise the luminosity of the lowest waterfall a bit. It shouldn’t be as bright as the two above it because it is in more shade, but I’d like to see it a little brighter to put more punch in that section of the image.

I can’t seem to load the large version.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I always find them helpful.

@Igor_Doncov The large version is working for me.

Is anyone else having the issue?

Works fine for me…:sunglasses:

Actually, even the small version went away. I used to be able to see it.

That’s weird. I changed from Safari to Google Chrome and now I see them all.

Haven’t the foggiest.

The textures in the rocks really pop in the B&W version Preston. Tonal range is wonderful from the deepest black to purest white. Mid range looks great too. This is my favorite of the two.

The larger image is a must. The smaller one looked a little dark and flat to me, but the larger one pops nicely, at least on my monitor. B&W works well with the tones, shadows and textures in this image.