Spotted Towhee

This was taken this morning under partially cloudy skies. I think one of the most difficult things about taking pictures of Spotted Towhees besides getting them off the ground is doing a good job with the black plumage. The black plumage has a natural sheen that reflects light and tends to decrease the impact of the black color. The other thing that’s difficult is getting the sharpening correct. Did I do a good job on this image with respect to my concerns?

Iso-800, 200-500 at 500 mm, F8, 640th, D 500, tripod, cropped from horizontal to vertical format, Adobe camera raw 10.5, Topaz adjust, TK sharpening action at 30%

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He is gorgeous, David. Wonderful color and detail, a nice soft background, and that perch is really nice. Great shot. :+1:

I think you nailed it on both of your concerns, David. The black looks just about perfect to my eye, and I like the degree of definition in the head plumage-the structure shows without being overdone at all. You don’t mention using flash, but that tiny catchlight has the look of it-is that just a coincidence?

Very nice composition, David. Nice detail in the Towhee. The image seems to have a slight blue color cast to me. Especially in the blacks. Maybe a slightly warmer white balance or tweeking the blues might help. Not a big deal, but toning down the highlights in the lichens on the branch may help. I find it is competing with the Towhee for my attention.

I think you got the blacks in good detail, David. But I find the lighting on the head a little odd. As Dennis mentioned, it looks like you used a flash. Rest of the colors are good. Sharpening also appears fine.

Very good pose and elements.

Nicely composed with a perfect head turn/pose. Sharpness and exposure look just fine to me. Always nice to get these guys off the ground.