Spotted Towhee portrait

I have decided to start posting some head shots and portraits every Friday. This is the second series.

Specific Feedback Requested

Black plumage is sometimes difficult in certain lighting situations. Fortunately it was cloudy when this image was taken.

Technical Details

ISO 640, 200-600 at 600 mm, F6 .3, 1000th, about 60% of full frame, Sony A1

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A lovely detailed head shot. Certainly no complaints with the exposure. Looks great.

The DOF didn’t hold up for the plumage for the part of the image closest to the viewer. At least I think it is DOF. There are some odd transitions between the really sharp black plumage and other parts of the black that don’t have any feather detail at all.

Hi David
The Spotted Towhee eye contact, is great. My eye never leave that red eye. The shoulder feathers are a little soft. I agree with Keith on DOF. It looks like the Towhee was fairly close to you. I am looking foreword to seeing more head shots.

I love head shots and this one is very nice! I’d crop or clone the white polka dot in the LL corner. Shallow DOF is the downside of large sensors, but as long as focus is on the eye I don’t mind it. It gives a nice vignette here. Looks like somebody pecked him on top of his head?

I’ll have to start paying attention on Fridays…

Great portrait. That red eye really pops, especially against the green background. I suppose you could crop in a bit from the left.