Spring Dance

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is an oldie from the archives (almost exactly 5 years ago). Last week’s weekly challenge (April showers) had me looking through the archives for April shower-type shots. I didn’t find any that fit that particular bill, but I ran across this one that I hadn’t processed. My processing/artistic vision has improved in the last 5 years and when I saw this, I immediately knew I wanted a Japanese-print look. The added linen texture felt like it fit that bill.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback on aesthetic qualities, distractions, balance, etc. is welcome. I did clone out edge distractions, but left a few faint ones. I will print this so I figured those distractions would be under the mat edge.

Technical Details

Made with my old faithful D3100 and the Nikon 55-300 mm f/5.6 lens; f/8, 1/400s, ISO 400, hand held.
Processed wholly in PS: B&W conversion w/TK8 Lights 1 Mask to Pixel layer, burn/dodge, color fill darks only, added texture, curves for brightness/contrast adjustments.
Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 2.02.09 PM


Wow, Bonnie!

This really does have a Japanese Print feel to it so I’d say you achieved your goal! :slight_smile:

It looks so delicate and translucent, even the leaves appear to be translucent.
Love the texture in the leaves and the linen filter, and of course the green color cast is very suitable!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an image with a white border and a drop shadow. Nice! :slight_smile:

Well done piece of art!

Wow, indeed! This is wonderful and definitely has a Japanese print look! I love the depth of the BG limbs. I’m wondering if this hints at a new (or at least enhanced) direction for you.

Good eye, @Merv – I didn’t even see the drop shadow because I couldn’t pry my eyes off the leaves!

Thank you @Merv and @Diane_Miller.

Merv, the leaves were translucent - backlit by the sun, as I was looking up through them. The drop-shadow think is something Guy Tal does; I think that’s were I picked it up.

Diane, I don’t know that this is a new direction for me. Back in 2017, I was doing a lot of minimalist types of photos, but have gradually gotten away from that (although I still appreciate that look a lot). Perhaps I’ll revisit some of my old work again, with an eye towards different processing.

Great, Bonnie! It got me thinking that few if any artists could paint those oof background branches.They really make this for me, though at first I wasn’t sure about them. Nice to see someone using textures, discreetly.


Is there an echo in here? :laughing:

You certainly have achieved the Japanese-inspired look. The uniform color you applied worked really well. Highly imaginative and well executed. My brain runs so literally that I’d never have thought of something like this. And the texture on top just makes it so perfect. It’s minimalist, but yet complex and intricate. I guess the minimalist aspect comes in the fact of wanting more.

Some critiques need no more than a single word. This be one of them…


(I guess I’ve blown my own opening line out of the water. :slight_smile: )

Thanks, @Mike_Friel, @_Kris, and @rjWilner!

Beautiful. Enough said.

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