Sublime Ben Loyal

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Loch Hakel, Sutherland, Scotland

Perhaps the most thrilling moment was the last battle for supremacy of the sky above the snow dusted peaks of Ben Loyal and the serene reflective waters of Loch Hakel. Once again the sun battled the clouds and forced them apart and golden sunshine streamed through perfectly clear skies backlighting mighty ribbons of heavy falling hail and sleet slowly pushing it away. It was staggeringly beautiful even when the hail began in earnest and started to form impact rings on the pristine surface of Loch Hakel.

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Technical Details

Fuji GFX50S, Fuji GF23mm lens, cropped to panoramic, 0.6 ND soft edged filter, polariser, f /11 at 1/30 second, (to register hail drop rings), ISO 100.

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Ian, this is a lovely view made more special by the impact rings in the water on the left. The soft light, the shift from nearly clear sky on the left to heavy rain on the right, with virga in between and the softness of the distant peaks does a fine job of putting me there enjoying the drama of stormy weather in a lovely location.

Ian, you have taken a splendid photo of the nature when shows its strength together with its visual art. I love a lot this image so natural and technically perfect together; al least for me.

Just another proof of why Scotland is on my bucket list. This is very nice. Nothing to add to what’s already been said.